The Dr. Ginny Goldner Clinical Nursing Practice Project Award

One of Tucson Nurses Week Foundation's goals is to stimulate new and professional knowledge in Nursing. In 1997, the Foundation created the Clinical Nursing Practice Project Award. In 2015, the award was named after Dr. Ginny Goldner, a Fabulous 50 Nurse and a long time member of the Tucson Nurses Week Foundation Board.

This award is granted to a well deserving Registered Nurse in the Tucson community who shows a commitment to:

This prestigious $2,000 award is funded entirely by Fabulous Fifty Alumni donations. Please consider donating to this worthy cause.

Eligibility Criteria

Preference will be given to the following:


Your Information

Your Address


In short, concise paragraphs, please describe how the clinical problem or question you wish to solve.

Describe the project. (250 words or less)

What is the clinical problem or question? (250 words or less)

Outline the plan for collecting evidence. (250 words or less)

Explain the plan for evaluating the pertinence of the evidence obtained. (250 words or less)

Describe an intervention to address the problem/question. (250 words or less)

Describe how the effectiveness of the intervention will be evaluated. (250 words or less)

Specify how the award or grant money will be used. (250 words or less)